Emotion and the desire to share: his driving Creative Force

Following a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Université Paris II), Pierre-Alexandre joined the Strategic Affairs Delegation of the French Ministry of Defense, where he developed a passion for writing. He left the Delegation to pursue a graduate degree in Journalism and a career in print media.

As a globetrotting journalist, Pierre-Alexandre covered cultural and political news worldwide, a perfect opportunity to nurture his passion for discovery and new encounters, to broaden his knowledge and understanding through contacts with other cultures. Articles simply flew off his pen.

At the same time, sketches, architectural drawings and perspectives began to emerge. Their lines traced a new path, inspiring him; ideas took form propelling him towards the world of design …

In 1996, driven by a desire to share his ideas, express his creativity via concrete projects and take advantage of his innate aesthetic sense, Pierre-Alexandre started his scenography … Trophées Lancôme, Pavillon du Jardin, the 50th anniversary of the French Chamber of Watchmaking….

When Pierre-Alexandre met Matthew Kuehmichel, a talented American, they decided to pool their shared passions and complementary expertise. Together they founded Metropolitan Design Paris, an agency dedicated to strategic event design, planning and production.

Whatever the situation, their motto: "Your Event – Our Solution!"